Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stereophonics' sound


IT SAYS a lot that songs like Madame Helga, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Same Size Feet and Hurry Up And Wait are only available on the deluxe two-disc version of Decade In The Sun, the Stereophonics' new best of package.
Not that it will come as a surprise to fans - for gravel-gargling frontman Kelly Jones's group have released a slew of classic rock anthems since their debut hit the charts in 1997, with five out of their six albums peaking at number one.
Tracks like Just Looking, Dakota, Mr Writer and Local Boy In The Photograph sound as good as ever here, and the two new tracks - You're My Star and My Own Worst Enemy - fit well into the track listing.
My only quibble is, with a decade of hits behind you, why slip these two unknowns in?

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  1. It's nice to hear someone appreciative of the Phonic's best of ensemble, I for one am extremely excited and looking forward to the lovely shiny deluxe dvd..woop! And those 2 lovely little newbie songs are simply a present to us loyal fans. This better not be the end of 'em though, coz if it is I'm gonna hunt down that naughty sexy pixie and chain him to the homemade recording studio in my dungeon( where I will whip him until he coughs)...which means a karaoke machine, a marriage license, a vicar ( or a jesus lookalike will do) and too many sandwiches and wine. From Sara Danvers (soon to be Jones..and apparantly soon to be committed into a mental asylum).


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