Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cheer! Late Of The Pier are here

LATE Of The Pier have, in their brief career to date, been compared to The Klaxons, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Gary Numan, Metronomy and Brian Eno, among many others.
However these comparisons, however complimentary, do not do justice to the Castle Donington-based four-piece's debut album, Fantasy Black Channel.
Because the LP, out on Monday, is an absolute smash hit - it smashes the musical boundaries between electro, indie, rock and pop, it sends the listener reeling with a barrage of sound from start to finish and above it, it sounds absolutely smashing.
Even the less-than-a-minute long intro, Hot Tent Blues, is innovative and interesting, sounding like Flash Gordon at a rave, before the album bursts into genre and mind-bending track after track.
Songs such as Broken, Heartbeat and White Snake are real rock stompers, and singles like The Bears Are Coming and Space And The Woods sound like a vision of the future, lifted from the 1980s.
The album is an electric, eclectic, joyous barrage of music, and the quality never drops from start to finish.
So if you're not yet familiar with Late Of The Pier, get with the programme and tune into Fantasy Black Channel as soon as you can.
  • Keep your peepers peeled for an exclusive Late Of The Pier interview appearing on this site real soon.


  1. Another good call, brother. This album is spectacular.

    Head Cheerleader for Team Vat.

  2. I know, what a blinder - although I must declare an interest in that they live about five minutes down the road from my gaff.


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