Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Evol overlord


DESPERATE music for desperate times - as far as zeitgeist-bottlers go, nothing released this year has been a better soundtrack to the global crisis that is 2009.
A claustrophobic concoction of speaker-ripping basslines, pounding drum and bass beats, minimalist melodies and paranoid samples, American hardstep drum and bass trio Evol Intent's debut album, Era Of Diversion, is no picnic.
However, released back in March, the standout LP is a feast of intelligent, eccentric, politicised, inventive and dark, dark drum and bass.
And importantly the 19-tracks flow as a whole, with nods to everything from IDM to metal - where other albums of the genre are largely presented as a random collection of tracks.
Era Of Diversion may not be a pleasant diversion - but it's nevertheless both enjoyable and neccesary in equal measures.

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