Thursday, December 11, 2008

Play At Play


DJ DE Jour Deadmau5 - pronounced "dead mouse" - follows up his 2008 debut album Random Album Title on Monday with At Play, a collection of early works.
Before moving to the Ministry Of Sound with his assured debut release, the progressive house producer, real name Joel Zimmerman, released a number of tracks for Play Records, based in his native Canada - and the pick of that particular crop are presented here, in extended, unmixed "DJ friendly" form.
Mixing fist-pumping fuzz basslines that would make Mr Oizo proud with sturdy house beats and subtley trancey melodies, were it not for the dubious choice of vocals on several tracks, this would be a minimalist dancefloor masterpiece.
Even with the dodgy vocals - such as the Stephen Hawking-style guide to DJing This Is The Hook - on At Play it's easy to see why Deadmau5 is one of the rising stars of clubland.

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