Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Black Mountain peak


DESPITE the prophetic nature of the second Black Mountain album's title, In The Future, on listening it is clear that it's ingredients were cherry-picked from the past.
For this hour-long indie masterpiece is a mauve mixture of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, with flecks of a folky version Rolling Stones and a sedated Queens Of The Stone Age thrown in occasionally for tones of light and dark respectively.
Tracks on the Canadian band's album, released in January, such as Stormy High veer toward classic prog rock, while others, such as the irrepresible bass groove of Wucan, belie the group's youth.
And while the music flows around this musical ether, duel vocalists Stephen McBean and Amber Webber provide snarling and moaning vocals which echo with a grainy '70s tint.
But although Black Mountain owe more than a doff of their cap to their predecessors, In The Future is definately one for posterity.

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