Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bright idea


DANCE punks Does It Offend You Yeah? are a scalding potato compared to contemporaries such as Hot Chip.
A snarling, stomping beast of an album, You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into, released on March 24, practically pulsates with a groove that sounds like Daft Punk having a seizure, and is by far and away the best dance album of the year so far, leaving the critically-acclaimed likes of Hot Chip's Made In The Dark and Hercules And Love Affairs' Hercules And Love Affair whimpering in the corner.
As far as beats are concerned, they take a back-burner most of the way through to the omnipresent bludgeoning bassline, which throbs and skitters underneath everything Does It Offend You Yeah? do.
And although they do it with no guile or subtlety, they do it brilliantly well – how can you not love an album with tracks with names like Attack Of The 60ft Lesbian Octopus?


  1. I feel this (and Hot Chip and MIA and Justice, etc. etc.) is the brand of hipster trash that is watering down music currently. The subtleties of Hercules & Love Affair puts "french house" and other hopped up crap (like the sample-heavy, mind numbing, amphetamine frenzy named M.I.A.).

  2. When you say watering down music, though, I take it you mean is watering down guitar music with computers - something that you could square at anyone from Nine Inch Nails to the Prodigy to The Human League to Pink Floyd.


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