Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gnot bad


GNOT to have heard of odd couple Gnarls Barkley by gnow would be crazy.
The peculiar pair - Cee Lo Green and Danger Mouse - gnot only hijacked 2006's singles chart for almost a fifth of the year making Crazy the biggest hit for a decade, but have featured in projects as varied as Gorillaz, Kelis, Danger Doom, The Rapture, Goodie Mob, Carlos Santana and Lil Kim.
So it's gno surprise that most of The Odd Couple, out on March 24, is a professional, polished piece of hip hop and soul.
What is a surprise is that there is gno outstanding track in the ilk of Crazy that you could pick out instantly, and on some tracks, such as Going On, Danger Mouse's production is almost off kilter.
The result is an album that, while pleasant enough, is probably gnot going to send the charts loopy again.

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