Friday, August 22, 2008

Classic twelve - Good Bad

THE original idea behind the Classic Collection section of this site was to highlight "a few oft-overlooked classics".
So to pluck an album with 32 million-odd sales worldwide from 'obscurity' might defeat the object somewhat, you might think.
But with a new Michael Jackson studio album rumoured and a best of to celebrate the King of Pop's 50th birthday, and sitting between Thriller and Dangerous in the Jacko discography, '80s classic Bad is worth a pat on the back.
The LP that introduced me to Michael, Bad is pure, unadulterated pop at its coolest.
In fact, of the 11 tracks only Speed Demon and Stevie Wonder duet Just Good Friends weren't charting singles.
And the fact that the others are I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana, Another Part of Me, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone and Liberian Girl says it all.

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