Saturday, August 02, 2008

A timely Prod

WHISTLES at the ready - rave classic, The Prodigy's Experience gets a rerelease this Monday.
And it is an experience well worth repeating.
The group's debut is an old school dance classic from a simpler time, when dance was a genre in itself, and Keith Flint hadn't considered bothering a microphone.
As a result this blast from the past is a joy from start to finish, with tracks stretched out for all they are worth, and songs like Charley and Out Of Space showing that back then you could make full throttle dance music with a smile on your face.
In terms of the additions to this disc, unless you're a big fan of early-era Prodigy, you probably don't need to invest - and What Evil Lurks and We Gonna Rock are oddly omitted - but if your collection is lacking in Experience, this is well worth picking up.

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  1. Also, for the record, The Prodigy's sophomore album, Music For The Jilted Generation. also has an expanded edition, More Music For The Jilted Generation, out on Monday.


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