Friday, August 08, 2008

Robson highly strung


LIVING equidistant from Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, I am always a bit taken aback when something worthwhile comes from the latter.
I think the last time it happened was White Town's Your Woman.
So to hear that Phil Robson's Six Strings And A Beat was a product of Derby Jazz Week was something of a surprise.
And what a surprise!
A string quartet, a drummer and a furious-fingered jazz guitarist tackling jazz influenced by everything from classical to blues, Six Strings And A Beat is engaging from start to finish.
Tracks such as the epic Louisiana, the skeletal Songbird and the riffing Hillbleeoos show how eclectic a selection of influences the LP draws from.
Ocasionally it does get a bit much, or Robson lets his girlfriend sing - she may be BBC Jazz Awards Vocalist Of The Year Christine Tobin but really, your girlfriend? - but Six Strings And A Beat is the best thing to come out of Derby since Man Utd visited Pride Park.
And it could be a while until something like that happens again.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Isaac!

    What's even more bizarre is that I was actually at college with Phil, way back in the mid-80s in Heanor. It was a rather ramshackle pop music course. Dunno if he remembers me but he was already a brilliant musician way back then.

    I'm still shit on guitar!

  2. No problem - I absolutely loved that single, played it to death.

    In researching this post I was pleased to see you've not given up music. Do you have anything new coming out? Are you still active in the area?

    I'd love to come and see you, or put something on the blog or in the paper.

    Let me know,



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