Thursday, August 28, 2008

Majestic LP from Rose Kemp


WOULD Rose Kemp, by any other name, sound so sweet?
Probably - for Rose's third album, Unholy Majesty, sees the singer blossoming into an epic, unique and awe-inspiring proposition.
Influenced heavily by folk - after all, Rose's parents were both in the seminal electric folk band Steeleye Span - the Chris Sheldon-produced Unholy Majesty mixes stoner rock and classic rock, with splashes of goth and prog to create a bruising, stomping backdrop for her talents.
For the star of this ten-track show is undoubtedly singer Rose, whose operatic vocals swing from snarls and growls on the polarised likes of the grinding Nanny's World to the tender Flawless.
The approach to everything on Unholy Majesty is daring and different - and the result is the Bristol-based singer's crowning glory.


  1. Of course, Rose Kemp is not to be confused with TV hardman Ross Kemp.

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