Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get The Blessing

AGAIN, like Portico Quartet, Bristol-based post-jazz outfit Get The Blessing have been thrust into the limelight somewhat, after winning the 2008 BBC Jazz Award for Best Album.
Luckily, thrusting is something that Get The Blessing - founded as The Blessing by two former Portishead members with "a pathological hatred of chords" - do very well on All Is Yes.
With more energy than a red bull on Red Bull, the four-piece's riff-based crossover jazz comes charging out of the speakers on opener Cake Hole, and it rarely lets up.
Akin to Acoustic Ladyland's punk-funk/jazz classic Last Chance Disco, All Is Yes will tickle the fancy of fans of jazz, rock and dance with its genre-mashing energy.
In fact, everything is positive about All Is Yes.

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