Wednesday, July 16, 2008



BRILLIANT Brazilian band CSS's second album Donkey sees a bit of kick added to their '80s-tinged electro pop sound.
The group, especially on tracks such as Rat Is Dead (Rage) and Give Up, have an almost Pixies style grungey-pop undertone to their trademark throbbing electro indie, which really sets their sound off.
And on these tracks Lovefoxx and co are at their invigorating, fun-time, party-starting best.
However Donkey's burden is the smattering of less forthright tracks, that are left relying on too much of a self-conscious cool.
For example the deliberately ridiculous Reggae All Night is at points almost as cringeworthy as actually using the word "cringeworthy" is.
That said, Donkey is still a solid collection of party pop, one which will leave CSS's fans braying for more.

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