Friday, July 11, 2008

Cop a Wire


WIRE were always one of those bands that if somebody asked me "have you heard Wire?", I would reply "I've heard of Wire."
Because obviously, they did all their good work while I was but a concept - I was born in '82, by which time Wire had already had three albums over a five-year period and split up once.
Not any more am I unwise to the ways of Wire.
For this week I've turned my attention to the group's 11th album, Object 47.
Mainly due to a lack of the new Polar Bear album arriving...
And what can I say - well, nothing.
The London rockers' album was good, professional, without being excellent, and failed to leave any lasting impression after it had run its course.
I'm sure, with such a long an illustrious career, Wire will have some real die-hard fans who'll be irritated by my nonchalant attitude, but on this showing I don't think I'll be tapping back into Wire for a while.

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