Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Faly good

IT IS a potentially a good time for former Afro Celt Sound geezer N'Faly Kouyate to be releasing an album of African-Western crossover music.
With the likes of Yeasayer, Foals, Vampire Weekend, MIA etc etc parading around the top 40 in 2008, Afropop hasn't been this vogue since Paul Simon was called Al.
So while Guinean-born musician Kouyate and his backing band Dunyakan may offer a more traditional slice of West African contemporary music, the appetite for it might just be there.
And although a step away from my usual musical diet, it is clear that Kouyate is a proficient musician, and, as you would expect from a composer who cut his teeth in dance/world hybrid Afro Celt Sound System, the rhythmic play here is full of beans.
At times the result may be a tad cheesy - maybe because the indie shoegaze element found in the likes of Foals and Yeasayer is missing - but you can really tell that from the start to the big string finish Kouyate recorded this album with a smile on his face.

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