Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Make a date with Singles


SINGLES 2001-2005 is a strange compilation album from a band I would soundly advise you to check out, Biffy Clyro.
Despite the trio - often paradoxically referred to as a Scottish Nirvana - having just unlocked the charts with their latest album and major label debut Puzzle, their previous label Begger's Banquet are releasing this collection of singles from their three previous albums, without the Biff's consent, to fulfill contractual obligations.
And some wags might say to cash in too...
But despite the bitter back story, the quality of the group's back catalogue can only leave a sweet, sweet taste in the listener's mouth.
From the grungey dirge of Justboy and Questions And Answers through to the twisting, melodic metal thrashouts of There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake and Eradicate The Doubt, this chronological chart of the band's rise is a great starting point point for listeners only familiar with Puzzle.

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