Thursday, July 17, 2008

Future silence Of London

DESCRIBING The Future Sound Of London's new album, Environments, as ambient is an understatement.
For the two-track 49-minute album is five minutes old before anything approaching a dictionary definition of 'music' can be heard.
Ocassionally a sparse scrap of electronica slips into the void, but for the best part this vacuous album is like listening to a BBC Sound Effects album - a dog barking here, a monk chanting there, a Spanish guitar a bit later on, a lot of wind, and very little else.
Quite honestly, I am baffled to think of an environment where you would want to listen to Environments at all.
In fact, listening to the album first time round I found myself inadvertantly whistling their 1992 hit Papua New Guineau to myself, just to pass the time.
Time I will never get back.

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