Friday, July 18, 2008

A wail of a time with Primal Scream


ALTHOUGH Beautiful Future is Scottish rockers Primal Scream's ninth album, the number of hits here show they are not a thing of the past.
The tone of the LP is darker than previous release Riot City Blues, with the opening gambit, the title track Beautiful Future, kicking off proceedings with the lines: "Take a drive around the city, tell me what do you see?
"Empty houses, burning cars, naked bodies hanging from a tree."
Empty houses - check.
Burning cars - check.
Naked bodies hanging from the trees... err, not noticed many in Loughborough, Bobby.
However despite the return to placard-waving political Primal Scream on this release, the band have not forgotten to pen some hideously catchy tracks - single Can't Go Back chief amongst them - and arrange some well chosen special guest appearances from Lovefoxxx of CSS, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and folk legend Linda Thompson.
Sadly the album still has a lot of the trademark Primal Scream filler, the sub-Rolling Stones droney tracks best forgotten.
So I will - here's to a beautiful future and album number 10.

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