Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ray J - wahey!

RAY J, full name William Ray Norwood Jr, has somehow produced a 13 track album of slick R&B using a one track mind.
Because, make no bones about it, this is music that positively screams "how's your father?".
Luckily Ray J's voice is smooth enough, so he an get away with saying things that, if they came out of my mouth, would lead to a slap at the very least - just look at my picture to the right and imagine the words "you're looking so cute in your birthday suit..."
This slick patter is matched by the production, although it can be a tad pedestrian (or, given the slap-and-tickle subject matter, should that be missionary).
Standout tracks include album title track All I Feel, and single Sexy Can I - and that sounds like something Master Yoda might say one lonely night to a good-looking yet naive young jedi...
But even if you are after an album for the sole purpose of acquiring a soundtrack to the beast with two backs, look elsewhere, because All I Feel is ruined, for me, by a narcissistic quality - true, this is music to have sex to, but probably only if Ray J is involved.

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