Monday, May 05, 2008

Classic six - Need Naveed

INTERNATIONAL readers of Isaac Ashe's Sound Advice - yeah right - may be more familiar with Our Lady Peace than Brits.
For example Naveed, the band's 1994 debut album, was sadly only a minor hit in their native Canada.
This alternative rock album, which spawned five singles, did provide the springboard for the group to go on to write five more studio albums and do good work in the US and Canadian album and single charts - yet it is unlikely many of you will be familiar.
Time to correct that, I say.
For Naveed is a grungey and full bodied affair, showcasing the band's proficient Pearl Jam style musicianship and a singer, Raine Maida, blessed with a gift of a rock voice, equally at home growling down low or soaring up high.
To this day the group still open and close their live shows with Naveed and Starseed, which demonstrates the lasting quality of this album.

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