Thursday, May 15, 2008

Foxboro Hot Tubs are lukewarm


IMAGINE Green Day dressed as Austin Powers and you've got Foxboro Hot Tubs, the pop punk pioneers' latest side-project.
A swinging '60s inspired take on the band's distinctive sound, Foxboro Hot Tubs' Stop Drop And Roll album is a refreshing outing from the once-goofy band, especially after the decidedly serious American Idiot.
However, were it not for The Reverend Strychnine Twitch AKA Billie Joe Armstrong's unmistakable vocals and the mojo-growing drumming and bass work, song wise this would be a pretty forgettable affair.
Stop Drop And Roll is a pretty groovy collection of '60s-inspired rock, but I'd still prefer to see Green Day doing what Green Day clearly do best, not doing what McFly do better.

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