Thursday, May 01, 2008

Album falls Short

THE Shortwave Set's second offering of what they term "victorian punk" is the musical equivolent of lying in a field in the sun with a gormless expression.
With Dj Dangermouse at the mixing desk you would expect an album chirpier than a cricket that's just found a £20 note on the floor while walking back from making sweet crickety love to a rather gorgeous lady cricket.
However the Londoner's sun-kissed album Replica Sun Machine is like listening to The Magic Numbers, but with chronic fatugue syndrome.
Like Goldfrapp's similar laid back psychedelia experiment Seventh Tree earlier this year the album has a summery, good-time vibe that never really gets going throughout the course of the LP - why have a Replica Sun Machine when we'll very soon have the real thing out for the summer, albeit with a bit more oomph.

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