Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wave Picture perfect

QUAINT, pleasant, parochial, kooky, out on a limb - The Wave Pictures' home village of Wymeswold has certainly influenced the band's debut album Instant Coffee Baby.
For The Wave Pictures exude the same kind of ramshackle charm and quintessential rural English qualities as the countryside that spawned them.
Frontman David Tattersall, although not blessed with the best singing voice in the world, demostrates a likeable sense of humour as dry as a Oscar Wilde's funny bone.
For example on I Love You Like A Madman he quips "I'll buy you bras instead of pickled eggs, chocolate instead of chutney" over the band's dishevelled rural indie in a way that all boyfriends who ever had good intentions can empathise with.
My only criticism of the group, who can be rightfully proud of their label debut is that after all the promising demos and EPs, Instant Coffee Baby still sounds like it was recorded in the village hall, and not in a plush studio on a big budget where this band patently belong.

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