Sunday, April 20, 2008

Arctic Monkeying about

THE Last Shadow Puppets, Arctic Monkey Alex Turner and Rascal Miles Kane's side project, is like listening to music in widescreen.
With a cinematic, Bond soundtrack feel - courtesy of the 22-piece orchestra backing the pair - opening title track The Age Of Understatement has a real epic quality to it, and this is followed in quick succession by forthcoming single, the steamtrain of Standing Next To Me.
The album is a real showcase for the duo's undeniable talents, and on the standout tracks such as the opening flurry The Last Shadow Puppets sound a force to be reckoned with.
At times the widescreen feel can leave the listener cold - where in their respective bands they come across as cheeky loveable scamps, here that appeal gets lost in the space they have given themself to fill.
Nevertheless, this will not be the last of The Last Shadow Puppets, rest assured.

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