Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not Four Tet's forté

FOUR Tet, human name Kieran Hebden, has returned to the studio under the Four Tet banner for this mini album, ahead of a full-length album later in the year.
And it's clear from this four-track, thirty minute effort that after sharing Tongues with jazz drummer Steve Reid - not a pleasant mental image I grant you - Hebden now has his focus firmly on the dancefloors.
Ringer is a surprising shift away from Four Tet's forté of chin-stroking free jazz meets cut-and-paste turntablist electronica.
Here the beats are predictable and pounding, providing an unusual anchor for Hebden's incessant knob-twiddling.
But although the results are, as you would expect from a Four Tet release, abstract and engaging, there's still not enough in the way of melody to lift this above the mundane over the course of a half-hour - unless it's 4am and you're still on the dancefloor, that is.


  1. Four Tet is awesome, and I will definitely acquire this album, but in the mean time, My Angel Rocks Back and Forth is my fav four tet song...

  2. I know, Rounds is such a brilliant album.


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