Friday, April 04, 2008

Hangover for Moby


LAST Night, the latest album from Moby, is the soundtrack of a night on the tiles in New York city, but while drinking water and wearing slippers.
Moby has long been a figure of fun – from his recent ridiculing on Never Mind The Buzzcocks for being boring to Eminem rapping "you're too old, let go, it's over, nobody listens to techno" on his hit single Without Me.
And true to form the vegan DJ, real name Richard Melville Hall, does little to excite the listener with this latest long-player.
A house dominated dance record with nods to the past of dance and hip hop, all the elements are here and no doubt a single or two from Last Night will trouble the charts.
The problem is that for a night on the tiles record, there's little here that is fun or fast-paced enough to demand it be a soundtrack to nights out that are yet to happen.


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