Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stones Shine on


NORMALLY, unless you were actually there, a live CD would have to be something pretty special to warrant your attention.
However if a band with nearly 50 years in the industry, that has penned some of rock's greatest hits - Satisfaction, Jumpin' Jack Flash etc. - and been behind some of rock's biggest headlines - Mars Bar, father's ashes etc. - team up with names like Jack White and Christina Aguilera for a live double-CD directed by Martin Scorcese, then it might, just might be worth a listen.
And the Rolling Stones' Shine A Light is everything you'd expect - on the top-notch set list Jagger is at his strutting best, and Keith Richards proves he is still the daddy when it comes to churning out those inimitable licks of his.
Yet the album, for me, lacks a sense of occasion - you have to remember that the for Rolling Stones, this is live album number nine.
However as the soundtrack to the accompanying Shine A Light rockumentary it's sure to be perfect - in fact, the music of the Rolling Stones is so perfect for the movies, Jagger has joked that Shine A Light may be the only Scorsese film that does not include Gimme Shelter in its soundtrack.
So, judged by the Stones' own high standards, Shine A Light gets a three rating for now, though more marks may be on the cards if I give the film a glowing review.

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