Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodness gracious...


SO IN your face are young guns Hadouken! that even their name is a form of attack.
Luckily the title is an apt one for the Leeds-based grime group, who sound like Dizzee Rascal stealing The Klaxons' mobile phones.
For the five-piece are the furious ball of firey energy that the name suggests - from the menacing opening Get Smashed Gate Crash to the flurry of That Boy That Girl to the incessant Crank It Up.
Rough around the edges doesn't cover Music For An Accelerated Culture's grindie ASBO-disco - it's clear the group are wide-eyed with more than just the naivity of youth, which ultimately makes for a listen as frustrating as it is exhilarating, although on tracks such as the latest single Decleration Of War the group show they may have the legs to take their sound further.
I would have loved this to have come out when I was a teen - the album reminds me of The Prodgy's Experience, all energy, intoxicants and raw promise.
As they sing on the opening track: "We are the wasted youth, and we are the future too."

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