Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crystal balls

ACCORDING to the hype, Canadian electro duo Crystal Castles are, and I quote, "the most exciting and original band in the world right now".
So I was more than a little excited about hearing the group's eponymous debut album, released here a little later than most places on April 28.
I shouldn't have been - Crystal Castles, who take their name from a 1983 Atari arcade game, sound like they are playing for their own amusement.
The band have been reported to say that it's not like they fell on a keyboard and these songs just happened, but listening to the repetitive computer game soundtrack bleeps and squelches it's hard to believe them.
The beats on Crystal Castles are pedestrian, the vocals are inaudible and annoying, and this reviewer really can't see what makes this group "innovative" sat alongside the likes of Hadouken! and Does It Offend You Yeah?.
As far as I'm concerned, do not insert more coins.


  1. Yeah, I thought the same at first but a year later I'm completely addicted and constantly searching the internet for unreleased tracks.

    I'm much like this bloke:

  2. Christ, that's not good!
    I suppose as a Brit I'm relatively new to the group, and I really hope that Crystal Castles grow on me - some of it is pretty sweet - but I can't see it happening.
    However I solumnly promise to return to the album in a fortnight to see if I was wrong - and I'll post my findings.

  3. Nope, it still sounds like sitting in a room full of Commodore 64s.


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