Monday, April 07, 2008

Deus add Vantage


HAILING from the country that brought us sprouts and Tintin, it's no wonder that rockers Deus have caused quite a stir on home soil.
However Belgium's finest's fifth album Vantage Point is not as almighty as its creators' moniker might suggest.
A blend of experimental indie crossed with electronica and raw funk, with a heavier tone than golden-era Deus circa Little Arithmatics, the band now sit in the no man's land between Talking Heads, Sly And The Family Stone and Henry Rollins.
Sadly, for too much of this album the results are laboured, and I know that English is their second tongue, but lyrics like "I feel at home in your pleasuredome" are never going to help.
However when it all comes together, for example on Eternal Woman and the magnificent Architect, Deus truly are divine.

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