Friday, August 21, 2009

Classic thirty seven - Still Bill is still killer


Q) HOW do you make a duck into a soul singer?
A) Put it in the oven until it's Bill Withers!
Too often is this joke greeted with the retort: "Eh? Who? I don't get it."
It's time for the Withers revival, people, so let me recommend Still Bill as the place for novices to start.
The word still in the title of the legend's 1972 studio outing is incredibly apt.
For throughout Bill is still, serene, almost effortless, as he lays down an array of nearly always funky, at times touching, and always brilliant soul classics.
Tearjerkers like Lean On Me sit side by side with unstoppable grooves like Who Is He (And What Is He To You) and Use Me, and not a note is wasted over the 10 tracks.
Not having this in your collection is just quackers.

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