Tuesday, August 18, 2009


BASEMENT Jaxx star Felix Buxton may be a dance legend - but behind closed doors for the former Loughborough schoolboy it's more a case of 'rock me Amadeus'!
In an article on pop stars' 'hidden gems', Buxton revealed his love for Confutatis, from Mozart's Requiem: "I'm a bit obsessed with requiems, especially those by Verdi and Mozart.
"Eight years ago, Simon and I used to walk on stage to the Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem, but a bit of me always worried that we were disrespecting the dead.
"Music that gives a glory to death is fantastic.
"It makes you beat your chest and go: 'oh, for a proud death!'
"What's great about the Confutatis is that it's music that moves the simple man as well as the critic.
"It's like showing a great painting to a coal miner as well as an art expert - they'll both think it's wonderful.
"You can find the joy of life in it, and the madness of love - it can make you go nuts, or it can calm you down.
"But most of all, there's a positivity to it, especially in the pain.
"It's easy to wallow in misery, but to make it wonderful is hard to pull off.
"Radiohead do that in modern music, and it's what we aim for, too - but obviously no one can do it like Mozart."

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