Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sam but not me


SAM And Me, the duo of Sam 'Sam' Zindel and Rowan 'Me' Dawes alongside Mitchell Johnson and Dan Black, are set to release their album The Battle Of Hemsby - a puzzlingly-titled LP.
Because with their nice and simple pop songs played on nice and simple instrumentation, they don't seem the most aggressive, confrontational, battling type of band, what with with their tight vocal harmonies and dreamy sound.
But it's this lack of aggression of any kind, standout track If I Fall, Can I? excepted, which lets their first release down for me - it's just all too nicey nice throughout.
And we all know where nice guys finish, right?


  1. It's Sam Pridell. Just so you know. Only just got round to listening to it fully myself yesterday...

  2. Whozat? I don't think I know them.

  3. PS I just checked their press page, In House Press, and it deffo says Zindel. I just don't know what to believe anymore.


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