Monday, August 24, 2009

Three Trapped Tigers to be released


IN JANUARY, I tipped Three Trapped Tigers as one to watch this year.
And now, eight looong months later, I finally, finally have a new release to salivate over.
Luckily the London band, who play Aphex Twin-style IDM music on live rock band instrumentation, continue where they left off with their first effort EP.
Literally, in fact - their second EP, EP2, starts with their sixth track, titled 6.
With shifting, skittering patterns of organic beats and brooding ebbing and flowing ornamentation from guitar, keyboard and vocal harmonies, there's a primal power contained within Three Trapped Tiger's tight musicianship and sophisticated song structures.
With a full album planned for 2010, which will no doubt be called Album, now is the perfect time to be introduced to Three Trapped Tigers - they're grrreat.

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