Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Patriot, I salute you


IF THIS one is new to you, then I must confess I'm proud to be introducing you to Patriot, the second album from instrumental act Cougar.
It gives me great honour to bring you a band which makes such a glorious, intricate, sophisticated noise - it's really something to get your teeth into.
The Wisconsin group create a brand of beautiful post-rock that's half Mogwai, half Battles, which as you'd expect from a band signed to Ninja Tune is laced with glitchy electronic flickers and irresistible beats, courtesy of drummer D.H. Skogen, also of Youngblood Brass Band.
The muscianship is tight and the invention of the tracks enthralling, and as an album it's consistently challenging from start to glorious finish.
, I salute you.

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