Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strange and rubbish


IMAGINE if a well-meaning friend offered to make you a tape of an old CD he had found of obscure avant garde IDM artists in the vein of Four Tet.
"Great," you'd say. "I'll listen to that in the bath."
But when you slip into the bathtub, having pressed play on the cassette, you realise that you friend's CD had been skipping while the recording was made.
"Darn," you might say. "I can't listen to this now."
But then, to compound matters, the player started eating the tape of the skipping CD, resulting in a frankly hellish outpouring of irritating looping noise.
To escape the non-music, you quickly duck your head under the water - and the resulting sound is the closest thing you will ever get to Eric Copeland's new album Alien In A Garbage Dump.
That's right, Alien In A Garbage Dump is both strange and rubbish.


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  2. Thanks for visiting my site.
    Feel free to send me some questions across, but I'm not promising I'll have the time to do it!

  3. Does he like Four Tet or not then?

    I'm quite partial to the odd "hellish outpouring of irritating looping noise"

  4. Masochist.

    Four Tet was the nearest reference point I could muster, but I like Four Tet and I really didn't like this.

    I didn't really find much beneath the surface here, and the whole thing is so jarring and repetitive, I didn't want to listen over and over again to really try and connect.

    But hey, if you're game, give it a listen, and report back too - I'd love to hear what you make of it.

  5. Lightweight.

    I'll give it a listen if you want to send it over.

    (It's Bens dad by the way......)

  6. Pirate.

    I can't send you the album over, I'd get my wrist slapped. You could check out his Myspace page for it.

  7. Pirate? I prefer 'Amateur Reviewer'

    Besides, how many pirates have over 1,500 vinyl albums.......

  8. Good point - however you haven't seen what they are........

    It's got a ring to it now you come to mention it...Radio Whitwick ("hellish outpourings and irritating noises 24-7")

  9. You could broadcast offshore from Hermitage Lake.

  10. The sound of a 1972 Barclay James Harvest album wafting across the Lake.........

    It's a niche market isn't it?


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