Monday, August 10, 2009

Merry Mariachi


EL BRONX is the best mariachi album I've heard all year.
It's the only mariachi album I've heard all year.
All horns and strumming Mexican guitars, Mariachi El Bronx's new album is a slice of sunshine - a mariachi album for people, like me, who don't listen to a lot of mariachi.
In fact, it's played by people who don't usually play mariachi - Mariachi El Bronx is the side project of LA hardcore punk band The Bronx.
And there's the rub - it's a catch 22 situation.
I don't listen to a great deal of mariachi, so as good as it is I'm not likely throw this album on too often - especially when I really ought to be listening to their other 2009 release, the awesome The Bronx III.
And were I a big fan of mariachi music, I imagine this would be too lightweight for my tastes, not mariachi enough.
That's right, I said it, not mariachi enough.

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  1. And the prize for saying the word mariachi the most times in one review goes to...


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