Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Classic twenty five - Little Barrie, big impression


NOTTINGHAM rockers Little Barrie's 2005 debut We Are Little Barrie is the musical equivolent of absolute zero - as in, it's very, very cool.
Overseen by '90s legend Edwyn Collins, the LP is made up of clinically cool blues rocker after clinically cool blues rocker.
With no record deal, so no external pressures to rush the album, the band took their time - 23 weeks in fact - to make sure everything was perfect.
Frontman Barrie Cardogan's guitars are effortlessly crisp throughout, over a rhythm section tighter than Lenny Kravitz's trousers, effortlessly flowing on tracks like Well And Truly Done and Greener Pastures - although sadly the album failed to tickle the charts.
We Are Little Barrie - you have been told.


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