Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of pen


ATTENTION to detail seems to be a bit if a trait of Texan rockers ...And You Will Know Us By Trail Of Dead.
If you need evidence, consider for one moment that the above artwork was drawn by singer Conrad Keely single-handedly with a biro.
A ruddy biro!
Beats my doodles, I can tell you.
So it's surprising that for their sixth LP, The Century Of Self, they decided to abandon their meticulous nature and try to record the album as off the cuff as possible in the studio.
The result is that their epic dirges sound more organic than ever before, and are given room to breathe, where before tracks like the six minute-plus Isis Unveiled may have been overcooked with self-indulgent studio twiddling.
Instead the dense rock soundscape that is The Century Of Self isn't a selfish record - in fact it seems to give a little more on every listen.

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