Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gaye African


HAILING from Langa, the oldest township in Cape Town, South Africans Abavuki aren't your average chart fodder.
Africa Got Soul, the subject of a chin-stroking BBC documentary, sees the group of youngsters with a passion for traditional African music and contemporary Western pop covering soul classics such as Let's Get In On, Say A Little Prayer, Tears Of A Clown and Ain't No Sunshine in the African style.
And the result's are pleasantly surprising, with some transitions sounding extremely natural - such as the tribal Papa Was A Rolling Stone - although there are some odd results, such as the almost unrecognisable Tears Of A Clown.
Refreshing to listen to, Africa Got Soul is well worth searching out if world music rocks your world - although at the end of the day the originals are still the best.

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