Thursday, October 08, 2009

Classic forty - Nine Inch Nailed it


BOUYED by the success of Nine Inch Nails' previous album The Downward Spiral and bankrolled by the musical steamroller Marilyn Manson, The Fragile is testament to giving an act the chance to grow.
Always a one man act, Trent Reznor crafted a two-part masterpiece that showcases an accomplished artist at the very peak of his powers.
From sheer aural assaults like We're In This Together to delicate masterpieces like The Day The Whole World Went Away, Reznor had five years to make this epic, and you can see not a minute of it was wasted - you can tell every note in every song has been scrutinised.
The resulting album, The Fragile, easily stands up as one of the strongest albums of all time.

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