Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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LOUGHBOROUGH'S own Kelpe, real name Kel Mckeown, makes meticulous music that would be as at home in a chill-out room as it would be in an art gallery.
His third album Cambio Wechsel is a brilliant mosaic of beats and samples, a wondrous sound which he unerringly dubs "head-nod-tronica" - rather making any review I could write redundent.
I could wax lyrical about the pulsating The Blankout Agreement, harp on about the understated psychedelia of After Gold or try to pinpoint exactly why the messed-up electro funk of Clearance has to be heard to be believed.
But it would be pointless.
Because when you put on one of his tracks, made of skeletal beats coloured with shifting, warped electronica rising and falling with fuzzy basslines, skittering electronics and atmospheric samples, all you can do is simply nod in appreciation.

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