Thursday, October 01, 2009

I love Mumford And Sons


LOOK no more - folk band Mumford And Sons gorgeous album Sigh No More is here.
The group have risen hand in hand with alt-folk acts Noah And The Whale and Laura Marling, and have been tipped to emulate their successes too - not least on this site back in January!
Luckily the album is worth the wait.
Singer Marcus Mumford's distinctive dishevelled vocals are raw with emotion throughout the LP, especially when bookended by the backing band's glorious harmonies.
These sit atop rising and falling folk tinged with bluegrass, a splash of rock and a host of soaring horns when required, such as on stand out track Little Lion Man.
A glorious, heartfelt collection which justifies the hype, Sigh No More should have them swooning.

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  1. i cant stop the banjos , the cave is the best tune on the album


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