Friday, October 09, 2009



BESPECTACULED chart-topping musician and fashion designer Taio Cruz, real name Taio Oluwaseyi Cruz da Silva, socks it to the public once more with a new album on Monday.
Rokstarr sees the London-based singer exploring a gamut of emotions - love, unrequited love, lust, errrr, more love, the unnamed emotion of receiving a dirty text message, more love...
In fact half is about being heartbroken, and half is about getting it on - music to commit adultery to, then?
Now the loveable dance R&B does shine on a handful of tracks like No Other One, Break Your Heart and Take Me Back.
But on the rest of the track listing, the efforts sound formulaic - Cruz is definitely a singles act - and the emotion of the backing tracks is killed dead by Cruz's stone cold auto-tuned delivery.
So unless you're a bit of a fan, this LP is only going to break, break, break-break, break your heart.

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