Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking back


IT'S nearly time for When This Was The Future, Lisa O Piu's new album.
As the name of the LP implies, the atmospheric folk here is not very 'now' - I suppose timeless would have been the aim.
And rich vocal tones of frontwoman Lisa Isaksson have a warm quality over tracks which add layer upon layer as they progress, creating a tapestry of voices and flutes and guitars, while an air of melancholy still pervades the record.
There's not a drum in sight here too, giving a campfire feel to proceedings.
But while the retro feel is nice, for me the Swedish act jars with the likes of Noah And The Whale, Jim Moray and Mumford And Sons - who of late have been making great strides to bring folk into the 21st century - by only looking to the past.

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