Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why does it always reign on me?


EXPERIMENTAL rap royalty Jel and Doseone are back, in the form of Themselves, with new album CrownsDown.
And the distinctive fast-paced rappers themselves are on top form, flowing out of the speakers on tracks like Oversleeping and Daxstrong.
But CrownsDown suffers from a lack of consistency in its backing tracks.
There's some bad, such as opening effort Back II Burn, which menaces without any real effect. There's some good, such as the Nine Inch Nails-style The Mark.
And there's the plain odd, such as tracks like You Ain't It, which hark back to earlier incarnations like Clouddead and Subtle.
This wavering effect between totally listenable and laughable means that CrownsDown won't be remembered as the pair's crowning glory.

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