Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back into the 'fold


PERFECTO Vegas sees dance stalwart Paul Oakenfold back where he belongs - behind the decks, that is.
Because it's no gamble putting the legendary DJ in charge of a two-disc mix of less trancey, more progressive house music like this, inspired by his residency at the Palms Casino And Resort in Las Vegas.
The mixing is seamless and although never close to chill-out nothing here is rushed, with each track given its chance to grow - much like Oakenfold's hair, it seems.
There is a real flow to the album, which heads straight for the dancefloor before slowly building in more and more vocal turns, which do stray towards the cliched at times.
Oakenfold is set to release a new album of original material next, titled Pop Killer, and it almost seems a shame - as there are few better at picking and mixing other people's work.

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