Sunday, August 10, 2008

Classic eight - Ben Folds five out of five


FANS of modern day groups such as The Hoosiers, We Are Scientists, Scouting For Girls and other similar rock-band-playing-pop groups would do well to turn their attentions to the absolutely brilliant Whatever And Ever Amen.
The 1997 peak of Ben Folds Five - who were a trio, by the way - and unmatched by Ben Folds solo output, the album has its fingers in many tasty pies, with tear-jerking ballads, tongue-in-cheek rockers and jazz-out improvs all the order of the day.
Recorded on a budget lower than a midget limbo dancer - as testified to by the phone ringing on stomper Steven's Last Night In Town and the crickets on the touching Cigarette - the LP is simply the sound of three prolific musicians, piano, drums and bass, having a lot of fun with their art.

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