Monday, August 18, 2008

So so Go:Audio


THERE may be good noises being made over pop rockers Go:Audio, but to me they seem a little hear today, gone tomorrow.
Because the London-based four piece, who used to be known as The Vacancy, are merely filling a hole in the market, somewhere between Busted and The Used.
Don't get me wrong, they bassistless band are very slick at their schtick on Made Up Stories, and they do it with the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy bounding after a tennis ball, it's just they come across as McFly with overdrive to my rapidly ageing ears.
I know I was a teenager once, but still there's only so many songs about relationships and breakups and cheating girlfriends and unrequieted love and other loin-driven thoughts that should be crammed into one album.
Of course this is a debut, and the youthful band could well mature into a good group - perhaps it should be less a case of Go:Audio, and more one of Grow:Audio next time around.

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