Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The magnificent Duke


'MON the Marma!
The Marmaduke Duke duo of Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro alongside JP Reid of Sucioperro release part two of their musical trilogy, Duke Pandamonium, on Monday - and it's a right royal treat.
Exploring realms previously hinted at in Neil's day job, such as the Infinity Land intro to Glitter And Trauma, the rockers throw themselves at the synths, throbbing basslines and thumping electro beats with aplomb, spreading the guitar work thinly.
And as a result the album, which was shelved in 2006 after Biffy Clyro's brilliant Puzzle justifiably broke the band into the mainstream, is a fresh, freaky, funky venture.
In fact, Duke Pandamonium could the best dance album of the year so far - not bad for two long-haired beardy alternative rockers.

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